Just like these piles of stones left on the side of the path by explorers to mark their way, Cairn is inspiring each of us to leave our marks.

Cairn acts like a guide, and sharpens audacity and discovery of new spaces and sensations, while offering reliability, comfort and protection.

By leading its own way, the French brand inspires each and every one in his or her own adventures.

Cairn, leading the mountain gear sector, commits to protecting those willing to be free by escorting them in their adventures.



Born from a family adventure which started in 1938, Cairn possesses an historical know-how essential to develop protective gear.

Cairn takes its inspiration in the various existing outdoor activities to develop its products, from the design to the technical implementation, and always keeping in mind comfort and innovations as key achievements.

Close to its users, Cairn is attentive to their expectations in order to satisfy all sportsmen and women keen on wide spaces.

Cairn is marking its way, and invite you to follow its marks.



Cairn has a long tradition, originated from a Lyon-based family company. Back in 1938, in his workshop of La Croix-Rousse, Albert Baudet was manufacturing gloves that he wanted warm, comfortable and protective. As a meticulous and passionate artisan, he acquired valuable skills and know-how, allowing him to expand his products' reputation to the Alps. 


In the early 90's, an expedition to Nepal acts as a revelation. In front of the Dhaulagiri summit, in the very demanding mountain environment, Cairn's founders realized that passion is not enough. In extreme conditions, performance and security lean on a gear that has to be perfectly adapted to the sportsman's needs. Cairn was born from this will to push back the limits, still with security. 


Thanks to its heritage and its own experiences, Cairn starts its brand adventure in the ski world. Designed by an expert team passionate about outdoor sport, our ski helmets and goggles combine performance and protection, making each excursion a privileged moment, and each achievement a possibility. 


Immersed in the mountaineering environment of the brand, our developers deployed their product expertise to create a collection a new textile collection. Cairn launches its first collection of beanies and ski thermal underwear. 


Cairn, already leader on the ski protection and accessories market, widen its offer with a brand new collection dedicated to cycling gear. We offer a full range of cycling helmets, for all kind of practice : mountain biking (enduro, trail…), leisure biking, urban biking. Adults and Junior, everyone will meet their needs. We also develop all accessories to complete your cycling equipment : sunglasses, back protectors, knees protectors, gloves, and technical underwear.

To develop this new technical products, we rely on our expertise of the ski protection market, and the support of our group, SHARK, leader in the motorcycle protection for more than 25 years.

With one objective : allow you to mark your own way, on all tracks, in total security.

Designed in France

Quality control

European standards