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A partner for all of your adventures, Cairn accompanies and protects you through winter and summer, on snow or on the ground.

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Develop and concieve equipment adapted to your sport, to allow you to fully enjoy the scope of outdoors adventures all year long : this is our priority

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Just like these piles of stones left on the side of the path by explorers to mark their way, Cairn is inspiring each of us to leave our mark
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Cairn, the outdoor gear specialist

Cairn is a French brand designing technical outdoor gear dedicated to mountain sports. Whatever your activity (skiing, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, hiking, running…), enjoy safely your activity whatever the conditions, thanks to a performing and high quality gear.

Ski helmets, ski goggles, sunglasses, ski gloves and mittens, back protectors, technical underwears, beanies… With Cairn, enjoy the best stylish, functional and protective gear.

A French brand in the outdoor sport

In 1938, Albert Baudet was manufacturing gloves and clothes in his workshop of La Croix Rousse, in Lyon. Comfortable and protective, these products spread their reputation to the Alps where winter sports are booming. It is a trip to Nepal and the sharp conditions of mountaineering which was a source of inspiration to the birth of Cairn brand. The aim of the brand: offering the best protective gear, to ensure protection and performances to all those who love mountains adventures.

Qualitative skiing gear

Stay protected from the shocks thanks to our ski helmets. A ski helmet with a visor will offer you the best vision, with a very wide angle. Functional but also stylish, our ski helmets give you the best look on the slopes and off tracks, and are adapted to each morphology (men, women, junior).

For all freestylers taking more risks, hence needing more protection, Cairn also provides you with back, knees and wrist protectors, in partnership with the brand D3O®, offering the insurance of the best protection.

Our ski goggles offer optimal protection to the sun reflection on the snow, and an optimum vision, even in case of bad weather, thanks to our wide range of lens categories.

Protective and comfortable gloves

On tracks, push back your limits thanks to an adapted gear. Stay warm and dry thanks to our technical breathable underwear, and enjoy all your outdoor activities at their best. Even after a full day in the snow, your hands will stay warm thanks to Cairn ski gloves and mittens. You can also wear them down to the resort, or wandering around, they will keep you warm in all situations.

A gear for mountain adventures, all year long

When the snow is all gone, the mountains keep offering you a wide choice of adventures through all its hiking paths, trail sessions, cycling slopes… An entire range of bike helmets had been developped to accompany you no matter the field (Downhill, single track, simple trail, or urban).  You can enhanced your sport performances thanks to our technical clothes (long sleeves shirts, leggings, facetubes…). What’s more, protect your eyes with our sunglasses, specially designed for sports and to protect you from the high luminosity existing in the mountain environment.