The entire Cairn range is guaranteed for 2 years under normal use. The guarantee does not cover scratches or misuse of the product.


Cairn distributes its products through a large network of distributors, but does not sell directly, including on its website.


You can consult the list of our dealers here.

For all after-sales service requests, please contact your retailer directly.

Use lukewarm water, a cloth and mild soap. Do not use detergents or chemical products.

The helmet must be correctly positioned on the head, leaving the nape of the neck clear, and must not move once tightened. The buckle should rest under the chin and be tightened firmly without getting in the way.

All Cairn helmets are fitted with a micrometric buckle for maximum precision in adjusting your helmet. Simply turn the knob in one direction to adjust the inside diameter of the helmet to fit your head.

For your ski helmet, store it in the pocket provided. Otherwise, the important thing is to keep your helmet in a dry place, in the shade and away from sources of heat or UV rays.

The properties of materials change with time and exposure to UV light. This is why we recommend that you replace your helmet after 3 years from the date of purchase. The purpose of a helmet is to absorb part of the energy of an impact, which can lead to its partial destruction. If your helmet is subjected to a severe impact, it should be scrapped, as even without visible damage, its original characteristics may have been affected.

No, these two sports are very different, as are the potential impacts, and the standards governing helmets are therefore different. A cycle helmet can only be used for cycling and a ski helmet can only be used for skiing. They cannot be used for any activity other than that for which they are designed (scooter, motorbike, climbing, mountaineering).

Take it to a recycling centre or shop. Find your collection points at wwww.quefairedemesdechets.fr.

The MIPS® (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) is designed to absorb rotational force to reduce the impact on the brain during an impact.

With RECCO® Technology you can be located by the rescue services in the event of an avalanche accident. It works thanks to RECCO® reflectors integrated into our helmets and RECCO® detectors. Together, they enable the buried victim to be located accurately. RECCO® reflectors do not replace the use of an avalanche beacon. The technology is a complementary tool that does not interfere with avalanche transceiver searches, avalanche dogs or sounding wave searches. RECCO® technology enables a rapid search, increasing the chances of being found in time.

In-mold helmets are the lightest on the market. For this type of helmet, the internal EPS is injected directly into the polycarbonate shell, which has been thermoformed beforehand. The 2 layers are thus inseparable, distributing the impact over the entire surface for optimum absorption and protection.

Yes, once you've bought a second visor, all you have to do is unscrew the two screws that fix it to the helmet, remove the visor and reuse them for the second visor.


No, the goggles are EN 174-standard, so they're only suitable for skiing and snowboarding.

Wipe with a soft, clean cloth, adding soapy water if necessary. Leave the mask to dry in a ventilated room. Never use solvents or detergents.

In its case, away from sources of heat and moisture.


Lifespan is determined by use and maintenance. If the screen is damaged, it should be replaced.


Simply press the push buttons on the underside of the frame with two fingers. Press the mask to reset the system.


Our Photochromic screens go from cat. 1 to cat. 3 depending on the light outside, so you can be sure of visual comfort without even changing your mask. Their orange tint means you'll be able to see relief and depth clearly, even on overcast days.


Our polarised visors offer enhanced contrast vision. Thanks to the polarising film cast into the screen, you can enjoy unrivalled comfort of vision, with high contrast, no reflections and no glare. Our polarising screens are available in cat. 3 for good weather and cat. 1 for bad weather.


It stands for "Over The Glasses". It's the right technology for spectacle wearers.


Our magnetic masks come with a category 3 screen for good weather and a category 1 screen for bad weather.




These are membranes developed by Cairn to make the glove waterproof.

The difference lies in performance.

C-TEX PRO: 20,000 / 20,000 and C-TEX 10,000 / 10,0000

This is due to the insulation used:


Synthetic: Primaloft (the best brand on the market), Thinsulate or Polyfill


Natural: feather and goose down

It's a purely personal choice, depending on the comfort and feel you're looking for.


In the same way as any other piece of leather, i.e. by nourishing it.


All Cairn gloves have a leash, which we recommend you wear. Many also have a clip to attach both hands together when the glove is not in use.


Here's what you need to know:


When there is a W in the name = WOMEN








For names containing IN, this means that it is a mitten. When F IN is noted in the name, this means that the mitten is FING'IN = (fingers inside) and that finger slots have been created inside the mitten.

It's also a personal choice. 360° straps (around the wrist) give a better hold, 180° straps a little less, and other tightening systems a little less. The stoppers on some models provide an extra barrier against snow.


Take a look at our size guide.


Be sure to look at the composition labels and choose hats made from the finest materials (wool, merino, cashmere).

Some hats are lined, either entirely or around the ears, with fleece or plush lining.

Yes, our collections are becoming increasingly eco-designed, and models containing some or 100% recycled materials are added to the collection each year to replace older references.


There are many uses for this product. Choker, headband, chef's hat... Different drawings on the packaging show different ways of wearing Malawi.

Yes, all the polar chokers and headbands are recycled. Winter 'Malawi' chokers with fleece or plush inserts are also partly recycled.

Some have a thicker fabric than others, and will be more suitable for mid-season.