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Cairn protections complete your equipment for safe skiing and mountain biking. Protective waistcoats and back protectors, reinforced shorts, knee pads and wrist guards ensure that men, women and children are protected in all conditions.


Outdoor adventure beckons to us all, whether it's the thrill of skiing down snow-covered slopes, riding a snowboard or exploring steep trails on a mountain bike. At Cairn, we deeply understand the importance of safety for every adventurer: men, women and even the youngest, children. That's precisely why we've designed a complete range of protective gear. From robust knee pads and essential wrist guards to our innovative protective back protectors and comfortable protective shorts, every piece of equipment is designed with you in mind. By incorporating advanced D3O® and Protect Flex® technologies, our products guarantee optimum shock absorption while ensuring maximum mobility for every move you make. This makes Cairn the trusted choice for a safe mountain adventure, combining protection and comfort.