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Bike helmets

Cairn bike helmets are designed for women, men and children, whether you're into mountain biking, enduro, gravel or urban cycling. Our helmets incorporate a range of technologies to guarantee optimum safety.


Immerse yourself in the world of Cairn bicycle helmets, designed specifically for men, women and children. Combining aesthetics and advanced technologies, we offer an unrivalled variety for all cycling enthusiasts. Whether you're into demanding mountain biking, All Road escapades, Gravel tours or urban commuting, Cairn is your ideal companion. MIPS technology guarantees enhanced protection, and the occipital cover provides added security. For city dwellers who want to combine style and functionality, you'll also find our range of visor helmets for an unrivalled experience on city streets. At Cairn, we work with a wide range of cyclists and equip them for every adventure.